Additional Work History for John Gregory

Power Generation Experience

  • Diesel Generator Installation, Primary Power, Gold Mine, Nevada City, CA - Facilities management of a small site plant for gold processing, including the installation and operation of a 100 kW, three-phase, electrical generation plant, sizing and installation of a water pumping system, and gravel processing equipment.
  • Diesel Generator Installation, Back-up Power, Commercial Complex, Grass Valley, CA - Facilities management of a small, rural, commercial facility; consisting of retail stores, restaurant, business offices, and gasoline station/mini-mart. Sized, installed, operated and maintained a 37.5 kW, three-phase, back-up generator to power entire complex.
  • Diesel Generator Installation, Alternative Economic Power, Roseville, CA - Small farm power installation, Sized, installed, operated (trained) and maintained a 50 kW, three-phase, diesel generator to power entire complex. Generator operation was for peak usage during the day, with excess power being sold back to PG&E, off-peak power was supplied by PG&E.
  • Tinker Air Force Base - Prepared the mechanical specifications, and participated in the commissioning for the 6 MW stand-by power generation equipment for the B-1 software support building at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. The automated power generation equipment is capable of powering the entire building either independently, or in full synchronization with the utility power, for both open and closed transitioning.

While attending school, various part time jobs included:

  • Machine shop - job shop duties including fabrication and machining custom parts, some production work.
  • Welding - fabrication and repair of various equipment, and components - (too many to list).
  • Auto body - contract work repairing collision damage and refinishing of automobiles, including preparation, painting and paint matching.
  • Remodeling and maintenance of commercial and residential real properties.